STC Plus


Main key ingredients Blending are secret key of Human Health for longevity in the modern days of Human beings. It is a super active ingredients blending of STC Plus.

The Key Ingredients:
Apple stem cell , Grape stem cell , Astaxanthin , Glutathione , Bilberry Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acerola Cherry Extract, Lutein, Goji Berry extract, Resveratrol, Rosehip Extract, Cranberry Extract, Zeaxabthin, Beta Carotene, Milk Thistle, curcumin W/B, Blueberry Extract, Strawberry Extract.

How to use?
Use Recommendation
A Day in Morning -1 sachet – dissolve under Tongue.
Works the best when you take it to drink plenty of warm water


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Its main functions and benefits are follows :

1. Cell Rejuvenation:
Because of the anti-ageing properties of plant stem-cell and the most superior powerful antioxidant can be repaired to form new cells.your skin will be renewed after adequate its use.
– Repairs and rejuvenates cell.
– Delays your ageing process.
– Enhances immune system , vitality & Overall health.
– Boosts immune system of body.
– Antioxidant properties.
– Improve cellular Health.
– Better Heart Health.
– Neutralizes Free Radicals.
– Protects Epidermal Skin Stem Cells against UV stress.

CMI STC Plus may help to prevent from severe following an illness of modern diseases :
– Cancer
– Heart Attack
– Stroke
– Kidney Failure
– Diabetics
– High Blood pressure
– Alzheimer’s Disease
– Lung infection
– Fulminant Viral Hepatitis
– Multiple Sclerosis.
– Eczema
– Skin problem
– Acne
– Liver Failure
– Parkinson’s.
– Anaemia.
– Amnesia.
– High cholesterol.
– Thyroid problem
– Gastric
– Migraine
– Knee pain
– Gout
– Slip Disk
– Joint pain

Who should use CMI STC plus?

Who always suffering from these problems can take CMI STC plus :

–  Cold Hand & Leg, Difficult to Breath
–  Always Cough &Flu, Sore Throat
– Always Thirsty , High Sugar in Blood.
– Gastric less Appetite
– Bad Urine , waist pain
– Joint paint , Shoulder Pain

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