Direct Selling Program

Direct selling is a form of retail in which products and services are marketed directly to consumers/end usesrs. Direct selling generally takes place one to one, person to person, in a group setting, party or online. The personal component is what makes our channel unique. It is best known for doorstop, party plan and network marketing or MLM or Affiliate marketing/ referal marketing/social marketing/E-commerce marketing etc a combination of these methods.

Direct selling is about connecting people and building relationships while offering personal attention and quality service. A key characteristic of direct selling is the role of independent contractors in the distribution of products and services. Independent contractors are variously described as distributors, consultants, representatives, agents, stylists and so on. It is a personal sale concept and cooprative/community marketing concept also.

Some of the many advantages of direct selling Industry include:

Open to Everyone
Direct selling opportunities are open to all 18 and over regardless of gender, background, education or race.No any bounderies for it profession & Business.It give us Self-Employment/Employment oppurtunity carrier.

Personal Development
Direct selling organisation provides skill/Knowledge, technique, training various courses and personal development/ to encourage growth/Empowering custumer/ Entrepreneurrship

Be recognised by peers for achievements, big and small, building confidence and self-esteem.

Low /investment/Entry Costs
Little or no cost is required to start a direct selling business, sometimes a product demonstration product/kit is all you need to begin. It is your choice/chance.

Direct selling is a great way to meet Newpeople and socialise, especially for those living in remote areas.

Easy to Exit
There are no penalties in leaving the industry. Our members will buy back product in marketable condition.

Simple Start-Up & Ongoing Support
Direct selling organisations offer training, marketing and admin support to help you achieve your Dream & goals.

Earn a little extra to cover expenses, reach a goal for a holiday or make it a full time career – you decide! It is a choiceable & optional business.

Be Your Own Boss
Choose your hours – work part time or full time! Enjoy the financial secuird &freedom and flexibility of working around your commitments and all over the world.

Rewards & Incentives
Direct selling rewards success through a wide range of incentive, Bonuses, Awards and traves; programs.

New Skills, Training & Educational Program
As well as the many training programs and professional development events your company will likely provide, there will be printed materials to address common questions and concerns. It’s important to understand that direct sellers must present complete and accurate information or risk legal ramifications, particularly in selling behaviour and when making statements about a company’s products, services and earning potential compensation marketing plan.

Take Your Time to Decide
Choosing the right direct selling company included Product, Plan, Price, Promoter, Promotion, Policy, payout, is an important decision. It’s great to be enthusiastic about getting involved—this energy will drive your success in the industry—but it’s crucial that you take time to feel totally comfortable with your decision. If one organisation doesn’t seem like the right fit, explore others. Don’t rush into anything and don’t be pressured by time-sensitive offers. Legitimate opportunities won’t disappear overnight.

New Friendships
While direct selling offers great&unique opportunities for entrepreneurs to shine & successful life each individual business is still part of a larger whole. Office politics has no place in direct selling; there is glass ceiling and almost endless opportunity for people to climb the ladder of successlife. It is common for sales representatives to support one another and develop long lasting friendships, sparked from a shared interest, mission and lifestyle.

Recognition and Achievement
Direct selling organisations are quick to recognise the achievements of their team; the industry is built on and fuelled by rewarding success. Milestones both big and small are celebrated. Experience shows that for your hard work, you can receive rewards ranging from label pins and flowers. to jewellery, cars, incentive trips and dream holidays.

Identify a Company or Product that Appeals
Experience suggests that to be successful in direct selling you need to choose a product or service you really love. Sales representatives who love their products are customer magnets, attracting others with their enthusiasm and commitment. When choosing an organisation, it’s also important to know if they belong to the organisation. It’s your added assurance of a commitment to ethical business practice and consumer protection. Read more about the benefits of being with a member.

Consult Others with Experience
Use all the resources at your disposal—including personal Affiliates /referrals and online technology—to find out what others have to say about the organisation. It can be a difficult process to separate the reputable information from negativity and vitriol, especially in online media, so it’s important to consider all material in context.

Ask the Right Questions
Before committing to an organisation, it is important to know:

Identify Fraud and Illegal Pyramid Schemes
Unfortunately, some people try to use the direct selling method to engage in unethical and illegal activity. There are several warning signs to look out for:
• The company is not a member of the FDSA-Nepal.
• Pressure to sign a contract quickly with member fee only.
• Pressure to pay a large sum of money before sales claims can be investigated or legal advice obtained.
• Promises of extraordinarily high or guaranteed profits like Investment scheme.
• Claims that profits can be achieved easily.
• A required initial fee which greatly exceeds the fair market value of any products, kits or training fee.
• A large fee payable before you receive anything in return.
• Salesperson who is evasive about or unwilling to provide disclosure documents
The most typical fraudulent schemes are: Banded in Nepal Government.

  1. Direct Selling Act 2074 article no 11, cences (Kha to chha).
  2. Any person and Nepali compamy can not involed&doing business in any kind of forien oringin country of direct selling companies, products, marketing plan in directly or indiectly to role play in responsibility & duty. (According to Commerce department did instruction point no 11).
  3. With out Direct Selling Licence any person or company can not do direct selling business/operating online of offline.

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